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    We recently spoke to Tenija, Tiara and Temperance Moto from Roxxy Montana who unfortunately just didnt make it to the Top 12 in this Season of X Factor.
    We asked them questions about their Fashion on X Factor, their own personal styles as well as their hopes for the futures.
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    Check out the girls’ amazing performance of Lorde’s Royals from X Factor below:

    ShopYourTV: How much input did you all have in what you wore on the show? 
     RoXxy Montana: It’s 50/50 what Simon sees and what we see and we work together to make it happen! But wardrobe was definitely one of the most fun parts for us!

    ShopYourTV: How would you describe your style on the show? 
     Tenija: Well we definitely were more Dark and edgy for Liveshows!

    ShopYourTV: Does it compare with your own personal styles? 
    Tiara: In a way but not exactly. Tenija is more girly so skirts and colors are her thing! Where Temperance is like the sexy tomboy she Loves black and gray and Me [Tiara] I’m more of the Classic sexy I like to show legs but do it with a touch of class lol not show EVERYTHING God gave me at once!

    ShopYourTV: What brands (if you know) were you mainly dressed in? 
    Temperance: Bebe, Alexander McQueen, Louboutin, omg it was sooo many things pulled but they were all like Amazing we were in Heaven!

    ShopYourTV: Who are your fashion inspirations? 
     Tiara: Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry would probably be our 3 inspirations they are each a person who embodies our style of Dress!

    ShopYourTV: What were the favorite outfits you performed in? 
     Temperance: Well we were Eliminated after our first performance lol so therefore our first Liveshow outfit would be it. [Picture Above]

    ShopYourTV: If you could steal one item worn on the show and take it home what would it be? 
    Tiara: The Jacket I wore was Aaamazing and 5 Grand so Definitely the jacket lol
    Tenija: I wore a body chain that weighed about 10 pounds and I Looooved it!
    Temperance: MY BOOTS omg I Looooved my Boots

    ShopYourTV: Do you plan to keep on singing/ can we expect to see you in the future? 
     Temperance: OMG Yessssss we Have soooo much in stored for our Supporters and Family aka Fans
    Tiara: Yeah we don’t call our supporters fans we call them family. Michael Jackson had fans and we’re no Michael lol
    Tenija: But omg we have Tours, an Album omg just so much going on we’re sooo excited!


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