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carrie ann inaba, floral midi dress, the talk
eve, the talk, pink blazer
eve, the talk, moon shirt
marie osmond, pink and red colorblock sweater, the talk
sheryl underwood, the talk, heart print sweater
the talk, eve, black and white heart print knit top
the talk, sharon osbourne, black belt
sharon osbourne, the talk, red leather peplum jacket
sheryl underwood, the talk, yellow embellished blouse
sharon osbourne, the talk, embellished double breasted blazer
the talk, carrie ann inaba, white drape midi dress
sheryl underwood, yellow bell sleeve top, the talk
the talk, sharon osbourne, white blazer
the talk, eve, blue floral contrast trim blouse and pants
carrie ann inaba, the real, leopard dress
the real, marie osmond, navy blue floral belted dress
sheryl underwood, the talk, peplum wrap top
the talk, brigitte nielsen, ivory satin shirt dress
eve, the talk, chain print turtleneck top
carrie ann inaba, yellow gingham dress, the talk
the talk, eve, gold blazer, leopard pants
marie osmond, the talk, floral dress
sharon osbourne, ivory tweed jacket, the talk
carrie ann inaba, the talk, red silk midi dress
brigitte nielsen, the talk, red blazer dress
eve, the talk, red leather dress
sheryl underwood, orange blouse, the talk
the talk, carrie ann inaba, multicolor tie dye wrap dress
eve, the talk, blue blouse bodysuit top
the talk, sharon osbourne, tweed pearl jacket
brigitte nielsen, the talk, green tie neck dress
sheryl underwood, the talk, purple metallic dot blouse
eve, the talk, yellow tiger dress