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SEASON 2 EPISODES 2x2- Crevassess 2x7 – There Is Not Currently a Problem 2x10 – A Right Proper Story 2x11 – A Rapidly Mutating Virus 2x12 – Other Things You Could Be Doing All Season 2 SEASON 4 EPISODES 4x04- Men Get Strong 4x06 – Twenty-Two 4x10 – Talking to Me, Talking to Me/option> All Season 4 SEASON 5 EPISODES 5x1 - The Intransigence of Love 5x2 - The Pin in My Grenade 5x3 - The One Thing We Don't Talk About 5x4 - 5x5 - All Season 5 CHARACTERS Gretchen Cutler Lindsay Jillian Sam Dresden Edgar Quintero Know where at outfit is from/Want to find an outfit we don't have posted yet? Ask about it in the You're the Worst Forum.
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