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  • Character: Iman RezaIman
  • Actor: Danu Sunth
  • Show: Ragnarok
  • Episode: Ragnarok promotional photos
  • Brand Product : Isabel Marant for H&M 'BLACK ROOTS' Embroidered Metallic Sequin Collar Denim Jacket
  • Buy:

    Although not included in the Lookbook, this jacket it part of the 2013 F/W Isabel Marant for H&M collection. There is a variation with a sherpa collar instead of sequins.

  • Worn With:

    Cusp Brass Ponytail Hair Tie Cover

  • Also Worn On:

    Entirety of season 2.

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Isabel Marant For HM

Isabel Marant for H&M 2013 F/W Collection – Sherpa collar embroidered denim jacket.

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