The Real September 2021

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the real, corduroy top and pants, loni love
adrienne bailon, the real, blue satin shirt dress
jeannie mai, the real, green double breasted pant suit
loni love, the real, black leather wrap top
the real, adrienne bailon, yellow satin blazer and pant suit
adrienne bailon, the real, beige striped shirt and shorts
loni love, the real, animal ombre dress
loni love, the real, denim jumpsuit
adrienne bailon, mint green blazer, the real
loni love, abstract printed dress, the real
jeannie mai, the real, horse print pajamas
adrienne bailon, the real, brown plaid blazer and pant suit
loni love, the real, orange satin jacket and pants
adrienne bailon, the real, grey colorblock cardigan and knit skirt
jeannie mai, the real, brown fringe skirt
loni love, the real, brown leather jumpsuit