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    Kyle Richards wears these pink gradient aviator sunglasses in this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “The Ultimate Ultimatum”

    They are the DIFF Dash 61mm Sunglasses. Buy them HERE for $29.95


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    I’m wondering if you can find out, or know the sunglasses that Kyle Richards was wearing on last night’s 5/28 episode. The square/rectange sunglasses she wore while driving to the mammogram appointment? Thanks.

    Hi! What a wonderful site! Do you know which round aviator style sunglasses Kyle wears in Hawaii in the most recent episode? She wears them with her missing kaftan on the beach and with a beautiful printed tropical dress. Thank you!

    Hello! I love your site!! Do you know which sunglasses Kyle Richards is wearing in Season 10 Episode 1 (most recent) right before her fashion show when she’s talking to Tracie, the fashion show producer?

    I also want to know the episode 1 season 10 NY fashion week sunglasses Kyle is wearing when she’s talking to Tracie

    I was wondering if you knew the maker of Kyle’s sunglasses from the
    5-27-20 episode when they are in Santa Barbara at the wine tasting. They are brown and gold.

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