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    Cat Chamber (Poppy Montgomery) wears this light and dark blue circle necklace in this week’s episode of Reef Break “Pilot”.

    It is the Jennifer Meyer Jewelry Lapis & Turquoise Evil Eye Necklace. Buy it HERE, HERE or HERE for $3,500



    Hey I'm Chloe and I created ShopYourTV back in 2011 after leaving Uni for semester and being incredibly bored. My favourite TV shows are Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Shameless and The Office - which aren't always the most fashionable but I'm always committed to covering as many TV Shows as possible!

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    Where can I find the 29.95 necklace that looks like the one Poppy wears. Turquoise and royal blue disk.

    I have the same question.

    It seems to be sold out.

    It is called: Lesa Michelle Sterling Silver Enamel Evil Eye Necklace

    You can find a similar one by the same designer here:
    But it’s slightly different:

    There’s a great one at Swarovski too for $50:

    Hi – I found a 14K diamond version on Etsy for $850. Shop is OROCOUTURE if anyone wants the real thing for less than designer version.

    Hi I wrote to you before
    I need the Cat Chambers evil eye necklace you have for $29.95 as seen on reef break show my wife loves it and our anniversary is coming in August tell me how I could get it I tried when I tap it it goes away

    They currently have it on for $18.

    Where can I find an under $50 replica of Poppy Montgomery’s necklace in Reef Break?

    Thanks for showing the Poppy Montgomery necklace ! Her show is GREAT…and the necklace is her signature! She wears it EVERY EPISODE!! Got to find one !
    Will sign on as a SPOTTER….Keep up the good work !

    Just wondering if you’ve any idea who makes the long turquoise dress Cat wore in episode 2 of Reef Break?

    I want the Poppy Montgomery necklace too. When will you have them back in stock

    Long turquoise dress in episode 2 of Reef Break worn by Poppy Montgomery. Who makes its, and where can I find it?

    Thank you for identifying the necklace and some great alternatives! In Episode 3, Cat has an adorable crossbody bag that she has the gold bar in. Anyone know the brand? Thank you!

    Where can I find an under $50 replica of Poppy Montgomery’s necklace in Reef Break?

    Hi – do you know anything about the gold coin necklace she is wearing?

    Love you found this, but the real deal from JMJ has diamonds all around, making it 3500 where is the version PICTURED WITH NO DIAMONDS? also whoever posted the Swarovski version THANK YOU :)

    I write to you before I want the reef break necklace the one for $26.95 all turquoise with dark blue evil eye our 47 anniversary vcomilg in August 18 she loves it please tell me how to get it ASAP

    Is there a particular meaning in the show to Cat’s evil eye necklace or is it just her signature thing?

    Any info on gold mammal coin pendant as well?

    I bought this one after an extensive eBay search. It looks almost exactly the same as the Meyer one and it’s solid 18k, diamonds, lapis and turquoise. I love it!!!!

    I bought this one after an extensive eBay search. It’s almost exactly the same as the Jennifer Meyer one, and is also 18k w/diamonds, lapis and turquoise.

    Where can I find the multicolored link bracelets that Poppy wears?

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