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SEASON 1 EPISODES 1x1 – Pilot 1x2 – The Grandparents 1x3 – The Buffer 1x4 – The Balloon 1x5 – The Fire 1x6 – The Master 1x7 – The Country Club 1x8 – The Snitch 1x9 – The Mess 1x10 – The Baggage 1x11 – The New Girl 1x12 – The Wolf 1x13 – The Bully 1x14 – The Heater 1x15 – The Sleepover 1x16 – The Implant 1x17 – The Intruder All Season 1 SEASON 2 EPISODES 2x1 – The Hotel 2x2 – The Friend 2x3 – The Visit 2x4 – The Haunted House 2x5 – The Invention 2x6 – The Matriarch 2x8 – The Teacher 2x9 – The Divorce 2x10 – The Climb 2x11 – The Trip 2x12 – The City 2x13 – The Dump 2x14 – The Church 2x15 – The Juice 2x16 – The Accident 2x17 – The Night Off 2x18 – The Car 2x19 – The Dance 2x20 – The Graduate All Season 2 CHARACTERS Mickey Molgn / Mackenzie Murphy Sabrina Pemberton Chip Pemberton Alba Pamela Pemberton
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  • The Mick: Season 1 Episode 2 Sabrina’s Ditsy Floral Dress


    Sabrina Pemberton (Sofia Black D’Elia) wears this high mock neck short sleeve shift dress with ditsy floral print in this episode of The Mick, “The Grandparents”.

    It is the BCBGeneration Printed Mock-Neck Dress. Buy it HERE

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