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  • Actor: Caleb
  • Show: Love Island USA
  • Episode: Season 2 Episode 20
  • Brand Product : Fashion Nova
  • Buy:

    Get the shirt HERE and the swim trunks HERE. (Both under $50!)

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    See more of Caleb’s fashion HERE.

  • Description: Pink bandana short sleeve shirt and swim trunks
Blog Comments

This is ridiculous by forcing these people to wear these heinous, horrid clothes you do know that you’re completely and totally influencing our opinions upon them right? I mean I’m sure you know. Caleb I have SO MUCH MORE RESPECT for you now knowing that you didn’t pick this disgusting outfit and purchase it and bring it and wear it on this show. PS I’m gay and you couldn’t pay me enough to wear that two-piece, cranberry and pink, quilt vomit jumpsuit.

Love Island you need new designers…or at the very least you need to fire a couple. I would strongly suggest starting with the one that conceptualized this monstrosity, then assaulted the world with it’s reality.

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