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  • Character: The Doctor
  • Actor: David Tennant
  • Show: Doctor Who
  • Episode: 3x04 - "Daleks in Manhattan", 3x05 - "Evolution of the Daleks",3x06 - “The Lazarus Experiment”, 3x13 - “The Last of the Time Lords”, Christmas Special - “Voyage of the Damned”, 4x07 -“The Unicorn and the Wasp”, 4x08 - “Silence in the Library”, 4x09 - “Forest of the Dead”, Special Episode - “The Waters of Mars”
  • Brand Product : Kenzo navy tie with red floral pattern
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  • Credit: Making My Tennant Suit blog

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I first created the ScreenFashions Pinterest page to organize info for Doctor Who and Sherlock cosplays because the original websites had gone defunct. I then added other tv shows. I currently run fashion blogs and instagram pages for A Discovery of Witches and Free Rein, as well as a tumblr blog and twitter page for multiple shows. My favorite fashionable show is Dynasty.

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