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    When I watched Catching Fire, I was amazed at the costumes worn.  Although I assume a lot of them were custom made or very expensive (which is usually the case).  Trish Summerville the costume designer for Catching Fire has made it a little easier for us to get the look.  She has created the “Capitol Couture” which is a range of items inspired by Catching Fire which will be available on Net-a-Porter.  Yes – Net-a-Porter is still one of the more pricier stores, but some of the items in this collection are to die AND the prices range from as low as $75 to $995.

    Trish Summerville discusses her inspiration for the collection with Monica Corcoran Harel, read it here for more information.


    My favorite would have to be the dress which is an almost replica to the dress Katniss wore on the chariot (below).

    Below are a few more that I’ve picked out (including a more wearable verison of Katniss’ Mockingjay Dress)

    This is a great idea – why haven’t we seen this with other Movies and TV Shows.  I would love a replica closet for The Notebook!  Comment below what Movies you which a replica clothing line was released for!


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