ShopYourTV is a website which helps veiwers find items that are shown on TV shows. The products ShopYourTV ID’s covers beauty products, clothing, cars, music and much more! We like to thinkthat our website is shaped by our fans – if there is a show you would like us to cover – send us an email and we will try and add it to our line up!

We are different from large companies! The website was started in 2011 and only covered 5 TV shows. Now we have several people who casually post on the website in their spare time who have contributed to the over 20,000 finds which are now listed on the website! (If you are great at finding things on TV Shows – we’d love to hear from you!). This website would not be as popular if it weren’t for the awesome people who dedicate their time to it.

Special Mention to: Michelle, Crista, Juliana, Andrea, Kirsty, Risa, Marjorie, Manda, Astrid, Kaoutar, Mackenzie, Rhiann, Rory, Chris, Lucie – who have all been with us currently and in the past!

If you would like to know more – contact us at shopyourtv@gmail.com


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Teen Vogue (The Politican) December 2019
Cinema Blend (Big Little Lies) June 2019
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