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SEASON 1 EPISODES 1x2 – Flying 1x3 – Tahani Al-Jamil 1x4 – Jason Mendoza 1x8 – Most Improved Player All Season 1 SEASON 2 EPISODES 2x1 – Everything is Great! (Part 1) 2x2 – Everything is Great! (Part 2) 2x3 – Dance Dance Resolution 2x4 – Team Cockroach 2x5 – Existential Crisis 2x6 – The Trolly Problem 2x7 – Janet and Michael 2x8 –Derek 2x9 – Leap to Faith 2x10 – Best Self 2x11 – Rhonda, Diana, Jake and Trent 2x12 – The Burrito 2x13 – Somewhere Else All Season 2 SEASON 3 EPISODES 3x1 – Everything Is Bonzer! (Part 1) 3x2 – Everything Is Bonzer! (Part 2) 3x3 – The Brainy Bunch 3x4 – The Snowplow 3x6 – The Ballad of Donkey Doug 3x7 – A Fractured Inheritance 3x8 – The Worst Possible Use of Free Will 3x9 – Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By 3x10 – Janet(s) 3x11 – The Book of Dougs 3x12 – Chidi Sees the Time-Knife 3x13 – Pandemonium All Season 3 CHARACTERS Eleanor Shellstrop Tahani Al Jamil Vicky Simone Garnett (S3)

The Good Place: Season 2 Episode 5 Eleanor’s Blue Floral Dress

Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) wears this blue sleeveless mock neck ruffled double tiered mini dress in this episode of The Good Place, “Existential Crisis”.

It is the Parker Aurora Dress. Buy it HERE

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